need to optimise your sales team?

Are you a senior company executive looking to elevate your team management skills? I specialize in coaching senior management on effective team leadership strategies. Whether you aim to enhance sales performance, establish a new sales or SDR team, or accelerate your ROI through business development, I'm here to assist you every step of the way.

Hi, I'm Carla Watt

Founder of waTt next consultancy

I'm an Executive Consultant and Sales Strategist, specialising in sales team optimisation for lead generation across the UK and internationally. Clients choose me because I develop highly effective sales teams that can actually sell!

To put it simply, I work alongside your company for an agreed fixed term, to offer a consultation or offer a hands-on approach to do a deep dive/develop your sales team and processes saving you time.

Having worked across the sales spectrum, going from a Business Development Rep, working up to Account Executive, Field Sales,  then running my own teams to starting  my own business I am perfectly positioned to see exactly where someone is at in their selling career, and what they and the business need to take them to the next level.


Who I work with

I typically work with Investors, Founders, CEOs, MDs, and Finance Directors of companies wanting to either establish or re-develop their sales team to make them both effective and high achieving. If this sounds like you, drop me an email, and let’s have a quick chat.

More about this

Received/Offering Funding?

If you have recently received or are offering Series A or Series B funding then you will be looking to bring more people into the business, and building a sales team will be a huge part of your hiring strategy. This can be daunting, and many people don’t know where to start. This is where I come in ...

I do it all for you!

I’ll hire, train, develop and then hand over a skilled sales team with a strategy in place that fits your business goals. This means that you will have the right people in place, from the start – saving you time and money, and allowing you to focus on other aspects of the business.

Whatever the sector... 

My experience is wide-ranging – from Government schemes, the construction software, SaaS industry, packaging, and advertising agencies through to the IT sector, I've spent 15 years building teams that hit targets. If you have a product or service to sell, I can get you there!

What they need help with

Companies reach out to me when they need all sorts of help with their Sales function, whether it be to solve one specific problem, or to provide support in a much larger capacity. 

They need advice on how to build a sales team but have no idea how to set this up or where to start

They urgently need more sales staff but don’t have the time to recruit, onboard & train

They’ve received funding are ready to accelerate their growth

They need robust sales processes and training programmes developed

There’s an issue with an underperforming manager or team member

They want speakers/brand ambassadors to help sell their products and services

Sales are down, slow, or calls/lead generation efforts are just not converting

There’s a high turnover of sales staff or struggle to hire

There’s friction within or between teams and no defined processes in place

Sales down?

Most Managers I meet can't workout why numbers are down, and so they typically just up the call rate.

This is often the wrong move, providing a short term fix which inevitably doesn’t solve the issue – it just makes for a tired and de-motivated team, leading to low staff retention rates and sales below par.

Here's how I can help

I use a hands-on approach, getting to know your business in order to find and resolve the issues causing the low numbers. This hands-on approach might consist of call listening, 1-1 mentoring, team coaching, or auditing a team to pinpoint exactly why targets are not being met. And when that becomes clear, I work with your sales team, providing the right strategy and training so they can start meeting and exceeding those targets.

Your team will start working smarter and not harder, leading to an increase in sales and retention rates!

My approach encourages a happy and motivated sales team. I am proud to say that within my own teams, I have only lost people when they wanted to move up and not because they are unhappy. I’ve always made that a goal of mine, and I can do the same for your business.

Interdepartmental friction?

Having a BDR team with no processes in place to handover to a sales team often creates friction and arguments, as each person has a different approach. This can cause real issues throughout the business.

Where managers are usually reluctant to sort this out, hiring someone external such as myself enables this conflict to be defused, because the matter is effectively being taken out of their hands. It is then possible to put the right processes in place and get each person on board, making for a much more cohesive working environment.

They Say

What Others Say

 Working with Carla has seen significant growth across the board for the business 

Working with, and getting to know Carla has been an absolute pleasure! Her ability to listen and understand exactly what is required and implement efficiently and professionally across teams, both nationally and internationally, is second to none.

The quality of her staff coaching, coupled with the leads her teams produce, is exceptional and has resulted in significant growth across the board for the business - proving key in the success of exceeding company goals. 

Gemma-Adele Birkett - Global Solutions Consultant

Carla has been an exceptional Mentor/ guide, demonstrating unwavering dedication, providing invaluable guidance, and showcasing unparalleled expertise. With her extensive knowledge and experience, she has offered indispensable advice and support, playing a vital role in helping our team accomplish significant milestones. Working with Carla was an absolute delight!

Philix Joel Philip, Business Development Representative 

Carla is an expert at what she does, fantastic leader and coach. Really benefited from her training/coaching skills to become a more rounded sales individual. Couldn’t recommend Carla enough! 

Jack Young, Area Sales Representative 

If you need support, let's talk!

Let me know what you do and what you need help with, along with the best time to talk, and I'll be in touch. 

If you'd rather call or email please visit the Contact page.